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Oxen Family

About this project

Developing Project

Project Name: Oxen Family

Location: Bahmanshir, Iran

Category: Documentary

Date: Jan 2017- Present

It has been 30 years which war between Iran and Iraq is over and despite producing 90% of Iran’s oil, the province of Khuzestan still deeply suffers from economic crisis. One the few permanent jobs which still alive (in the province of Khuzestan in Iran) is becoming an oxen breeder. For running such a business, you are in needs of money and land. Therefore, the number of breeders are very limited.

In North of the city of Abadan, just were Bahmanshir River passing through the palm trees, there are few Arab- Iranian families, which running such business. They are not wealthy, especially those without a side business, which has become more and more common in recent years. Their liveliness is still contagious. Young boys play in the marsh with the water buffalo, children run around bare-footed with puppies. Women bake bread - with traditional tattoos on their hands and thin, loose black shawls wrapped around their heads.

They live in a primitive style and oxen breeding become a family business and palm trees, river, the oxen stable and the family houses are just right beside each other. Regardless of all difficulties and lack of proper water, education, healthcare and… childhood is colorful and beautiful for these children’s.